Our business partners

Our business partners are either clients or customers, depending on their position in the value chain and the services we provide to them.

Our business model is centered on CREDENDO VIDES’s role as the key link between clients and customers. We help our partners in growing and adding value to their business and enable them to achieve lasting success.

Leveraging on our strong market presence, clients can capitalize on the superior commercial terms and conditions made available by CREDENDO VIDES. On the other hand, our scope and scale allows us to provide our customers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

Our clients

  • manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, consumer health products and medical devices – wish to sell their products in markets with any entry barriers. Strategically, they want to grow their business by increasing sales in existing markets, enhancing efficiency and margins or by launching into new markets. We offer market expansion services to clients. We support our clients in marketing, selling, and distributing their products as well as providing after-sales services and market insight
  • distributors of pharmaceuticals, consumer health products and medical devices – wish to purchase unique products for the markets they operate

Our customers:

Depending on their business, our customers buy, sell or resell our clients’ products. The products provided by us to retailers such as doctors, hospitals, pharmacists or cooperating companies are resold to end consumers. Strategically, they want to increase their sourcing base, market shares and revenue opportunities.
We support our customers in obtaining the best materials, products and brands at the best price, while providing them with knowledge and market insight.

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