Credendo Vides Ltd. helps companies to grow in existing markets and expand into new ones by delivering the services our business partners need to achieve their goals. Our services are precisely tailored to the exact needs of our clients and customers.

Our partners

We help our partners in achieving lasting success.

Our business partners are either clients or customers, depending on their position in the value chain and the services we provide to them. Our business model is centered on CREDENDO VIDES’s role as the key link between clients and customers.

Europe partners


Non-Europe partners


What we believe in

The core values ​​that we will have throughout our existence have been identified at the very foundation of CREDENDO VIDES. Fundamental values ​​are the perpetual and unchangeable key principles that we represent in which we believe it is right and what will help fulfill the meaning of our business.


We take profound responsibility for our business partners´goods, brands and markets. We offer more than just outsourcing or particular activities.


We care about our partners, patients and community we live in. We educate specialists and customers as well.


To know more means to take better decisions. Our specialists are able to offer a proffesional methodological advice in the principal activity at any time.